Arabic 3. Study of the Rhetorical Topics in “Safwat Al-Tafaseer” by Muhammad Ali Al-Sabouni

دراسة المباحث البلاغیة في ’’صفوة التفاسیر‘‘ لمحمد علي الصابوني


  • Muhammad Abdul Rehman Ph.D Research Scholar, University of Sargodha.
  • Dr. Agha Mehmood Ahmad Assistant Professor, DPT of Arabic & Islamic Studies, University of Sargodha



Al-Sabouni, Rhetorical Topics, Safwat Al-Tafaseer, Quranic verses, metaphor, overstatement, understatement, pun


The Qur'anic language is unrivalled in its validity of meaning and declaration. Each symbol and phrase has its location while and the language is free from flawless. These special attributes are found demonstrate in the use of one single letter or a preposition. The inexplicable characteristic of the Quranic language are not limited to the validity of its words and symbol or to their adequacy of meaning. These may include simile, understatement, overstatement, metaphor, and pun. Arabic rhetoric is classified into three with called المعاني ,البیان ,an البدیع..The tafseer under review is called Safwat al-Tafaseer.This tafseer has been compiled by the famous 21century religious scholar Muhammad Ali Al-Sabouni with his many years of hard work and struggle.While there are numerous commentaries and lexical points in thistafseer, numerous virtues of rhetoric have also been mentioned. Therefore, this short article of ours refers to the rhetorical discourses and methods mentioned in this Tafseer which have been brought in to create beauty in the Quranic verses.Although the subject of our PhD Research is the rhetorical points contained in the entire Tafseer, in this short article we will confine ourselves to the points of the early surahs of the Tafseer