Instruction for Authors

The goal of Al-Khadim Research Journal of Islamic Culture and Civilization is to publish the most original and excellent academic works on international relations. A study is outside the scope of the journal if it does not focus on any international (or cross-border) occurrence as a significant cause or consequence. ARJICC publishes articles that advance general knowledge or widely construed empirical theory in some way. Although we may publish an article that offers a solution to a current issue, we favour those that additionally apply theoretical concepts, provide empirical studies, or address broad issues under discussion in the academic world.

Before deciding whether to publish a piece, the editorial team sends it to reviewers, with the exception of letters to the editor. 40 percent of the papers submitted to ARJICC are deemed unsuitable for external review by the editors, while only 5 percent of them are ultimately published by the journal. The reviewers for ARJICC have high criteria. Authors are highly urged to ask their peers review for feedback and specific recommendations before submitting their work.

  1. Classification: Authors must decide whether to submit their thesis (3–4 pages, A4), which will be divided and sectioned in accordance with the thematic guidelines of ARJICC printed edition, or their article (materials that present new theoretical arguments and/or empirical evidence that constitute a substantial advance of knowledge, more than 7, but less than 15 pages, A4).
  2. Structure:Writers must adhere to the following structure:

           2.1. Thematic directions are classified using the Universal Decimal Classification;

           2.2 Name and last name of author(s); names of local authors must be published in English; maximum of three authors;

           2.3 University or place of employment, title, location, and nation;

           2.4. ORCID;

           2.5. Abstracts (200–250 words), which must be written in English for local authors;

           2.6. Keywords (4–8 words); English-language key words are required for local authors.

           2.7 Please use a 14-point cambia font and single-space your submission's text for readability. Please include page numbers as well.

           2.8. A paper should be divided into sections, each of which must have an introduction, the goal of the study, the materials and methods, any prior studies, the object and subject of the research, the findings of the research, the conclusions, and any viewpoints and propositions.

  1.            Originality:We highly prefer papers that present novel and intriguing insights as well as fresh data or arguments.
  2.            Articles that challengethe status quo are more likely to be published than those that merely restate widely held beliefs. This is true for both academic and policy fields. If no one will disagree with an essay, there is no reason to publish it, as one editorial board member of the magazine put it.
  3.            Technique:Papers, essays, or theses should be sent to the editor at ARJICC for consideration. Email: