Status of adopted child in sharia

لے پالک بچہ (متبنیٰ) کی شرعی حیثیت


  • Muhammad Ali Shaikh Lecturer islamic studies,The Shaikh Ayaz university shikarpur
  • Abdul Salam Tunio Lecturer Islamic studies Szabist Larkana Campus


affectionate, society, adopt, orphan, unlawful, complexity, eradicate .


Islam teaches us affectionate and loves with children. Children are sensitive and important part of society، who will be forming future society likewise our behavior، is sketched in their brain. What the behavior we show them will be reflection of tomorrows.  Unfortunately children face lots of mishaps in society with results in hatered rather than love for people around. Similar aspect is concerned with orphans and adopted children. To adopt orphan and feed him get greater reward in Islam undoubtedly. In our society it is the custom to adopt the child of relatives for couple who don't have their own kids. This is not lawful according to Sharai, it means that a child who is not Orphan to adopt him on your own wishes, and separate him from his real parents and even unlawful and cruelty is that the name of father is also changed, and their real parents are keep hidden and when that child comes to know about his original or real parents he becomes feel complexity in his life and brings some queries in his mind which results in so many negative effects on him. There to eradicate and remove such rituals, customs verbal instructions are not enough but perfect act on Islamic way of life is necessary.




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