Islamic view of modernism and rationalism An intellectual debate

جدیدیت اور عقل پسندی کا اسلامی نظریہ ایک فکری بحث


  • Dr. Sajjad Ali Raeesi Associate Professor, Institute of Islamic Studies, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Mirs.
  • Dr. Rashida Parveen Assistant Professor: Woman University, Mardan.
  • Ms. Nargis Lecturer: Woman University, Mardan.



Shariyath, Fithrath, Taskheer, Ejtihad, Nass


There is a debate among the scholars that Islam is a complete code of life or it is just a spiritual experience. Mostly Muslims consider Islam to be a complete code of life. To them, it is a universal religion that pervades a person's entire life. In the other hand those who are not convinced of the universality of Islam, consider Islam to be an outdated and irrational system. According to them, Islam has no room for modernity and universality. The majority of Orientalist intellectuals are of the opinion that there is no other option for Islam except to accept Western thinking and Western modernism. However, there are several verses in Qur'an that call for reason and reflection of the universe. The Qur'an also commands reason to conquer the universe through intellect and contemplation. This version of Quran clearly shows that Islam is not against modernism nor opposes to use of reason (Aqal). This article discusses such misunderstandings and examines the arguments for modernity and rationalism in Islam.


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