An Analytical Study of the Interpretive effects of continuous Readings in the Al-Sawi Footnote (Ahmad bin Muhammad)

حاشیۃ ُ الصاوی "علیٰ تفسیرالجلالین"میں قراءاتِ متواترہ کےتفسیری اثرات :ایک تجزیاتی مطالعہ


  • Qari Abdul Nasir Lecturer of Islamic Studies and Translation of Holy Quran at the Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan & Ph D Scholar The University of Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Dr. Matloob Ahmad Head and Professor Department of Islamic Studies, The University of Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan


Analytical Study,Interpretive,effects of continuous, Readings Al-Sawi Footnote(Tafseer-e-Al-Jalalain)


It is a fact that the most important branch of the knowledge of the Quran is the difference of  recitations.The sciences of  the Quran completed until then unless the differences between the  recitations of  the Quran and  its various causes and interpretive effects are explained.Commentary effects The meanings of  many commentators and  recitations have been explained by readers based on their breadth of knowledge.Allama Ahmad bin Muhammad Al Sawi(1241 Hijri) is also among these commentators.He discusse the different  readings  in his  footnote and pay close interpretive effects. After describing  the living conditions of Imam Al Sawi, his style of narration has  also been described  as required. Four verses of the Holy Quran are mentioned in the footnote: Verse No.04 from Surah Al Fatiha,verse No.282  from Surah Al Baqara, verse No.36 from Surah Aali Imran and verse No.10 from Surah Al Nisa have been selected. After a comparative study of these verses,it is divided into three stages: Qurran recitation in the first stage,Meaning of Qiraat in the second stage and  in  the third  stage, the interpretive effects of  the  readings  are explained in simple but comprehensive words.It should be noted  that at the end of each verse,the summary of the commentary effects was also stated in a comprehensive manner,So that the readers do not  have  any difficulty in understanding and reading the conceptual demands.In the end,We can say that Allah Almighty is your supporter and helper.