10. War September 1965 and Pakistani Urdu Afsana جنگ ستمبر 1965ء اور پاکستانی اردو افسانہ

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Dr. Khalid Mahmood
Dr. Tayyaba Nighat
Dr. Uzma Bahsir


Wars have never been considered positive for humanity. The consequences of wars are always lethal for man. Pakistan and India two neighbouring countries have some territorial, ideological and political disputes ever since partition of sub-continent. These disputes erupted numbers collusions between both countries. War of September 1965 has been one of the outcomes of hostile nature of India. War of September 1965 had effected the creators of every genre of literature. Pakistan Urdu Afsana was of no exception. This research article is an effort to highlight the effects of September 1965 war on Pakistani Urdu Afsana.

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Mahmood, D. K., Nighat, D. T., & Bahsir, D. U. (2022). 10. War September 1965 and Pakistani Urdu Afsana: جنگ ستمبر 1965ء اور پاکستانی اردو افسانہ. Al Khadim Research Journal of Islamic Culture and Civilization, 3(2), 139–147. https://doi.org/10.53575/arjicc.v3.02(22)u10.139-147


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