Policy In Resolving Issues ﷺ Holy Prophet’s

معاملات کے حل میں حکمت نبویﷺ


  • Dr. Khalid Rasool Lecturer, Islamic Studies Government Boys Degree College Tando Muhammad khan.
  • Dr. Hafeez Ur Rehman Rajput Lecturer Islamic Studies Government College University Hyderabad.
  • Masood Ahmed Siddiqi Lecturer Department of Education Government College University Hyderabad.


Brotherhood, Treaty, Defense, Hypocrites, Wisdom, Secret


Allah’s Prophet ﷺ Provided guidance to people for running the affairs of life in the light of Allah’s revelations by using his intellect and wisdom. Holy Prophet ﷺ took very little time for enforcing the injunctions of Allah. He did not leave any aspect of human life unaddressed. Allah revealed not only the Holy Book on himﷺ but he was also bestowed with glorious wisdom. Every Prophet got knowledge from three sources: Wahi, prophethood and intellect. Prophethood has been regard as an ability to differentiate right from wrong, a source of intellect and sometimes education. The knowledge of prophethood is lower in status than revelation and higher than common human intellect. Shah Wali Allah and others have called it prophetic power of theological inference. Research has concluded that there have been several occasions when Holy Prophet ﷺresolved issues in light of Allah’s revelations and his own wisdom and intellect, issue of Hajar e Aswad, charter of Madinah, foiling the conspiracies of disbelievers, treaty of Hudaibiya and conquest of Makkah are few bright examples which manifestly express the wisdom and vision of Holy Prophet ﷺ.At the end of research paper recommendation have been made to the life of Holy Prophet ﷺis the best model for success and prosperity, especially the rulers and leaders.