A Study on Connotation of Qurani Taleemat in Hymdia and Naatia poetory of Riaz Nadeem Niazi

ریاض ندیم نیازی کی حمدیہ اور نعتیہ شاعری میں قرآنی تعلیمات کے اشارے: ایک مطالعہ


  • Dr. Mir Yousaf Mir Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffrabad
  • Dr. Uzma Begum Principal Govt.Girl Post Gratuate College Khark Rawalakot AJK.
  • Prof. Dr. Matloob Ahmed Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies Department of, the University of Faisalabad.


Hymn, adventure, Genre, Uniformity, Exaggeration, Imagination, Emphasis, Recitation, Didactic.


The current research paper sheds the light on the very significant topic. The researcher has diligently studied the relevant material from various sources. There is clear indication of that adventuredepicted in this research paper. Praise and Naat belong to a pure and sacred genre whose tradition is present in the major languages ​​of the world. There are different opinions but there is uniformity everywhere in terms of subject matter. It is difficult to say in the language of poetry because poetry contains exaggeration, imagination, emphasis and other poetic devices.  Riaz Nadeem Niazi is an important name in Urdu Naat recitation nowadays. Riaz Nadeem Niazi has recited very beautifully. There is no limit to the virtues of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). This collection of praise and Naat is growing with the passage of time. Riaz Nadeem Niazi has also contributed his share in this collection and has recited very admirable poems. Numerous references are present in his Hamdiya and Naatiya poetry. This research paper can explicitly be concluded that Hymnd and Naat have wonderful didactic effects on human being. It can be termed a very valuable asset for up coming researchers.