The Tragedy of Migration in Azra Asghar Short Stories

عذرااصغر کے افسانوں میں ہجرت کاالمیہ


  • Dr. Sadaf Naqvi Chairperson Urdu Department, Govt. College Women University Faisalabad.
  • Mehnaz Waheed Ph.D. Urdu Scholar, GCWUF.


Urdu, Human Behaviors, Short Stories, Sensitive, Person


Azra Asghar has interpreted the living life of her surroundings. She always eyed on the human conflict & aggravating circumstances. After the partition of Pakistan, the situation was completely changed. People came to Pakistan after the hardships of migration & leaving behind their homes. Azra Asghar's family also came to Pakistan after migration.  Being a sensitive person, she could not remain unaffected by these situations. Her short stories carry the sorrow of migration & the inflicted sorrow of changing human behaviors.


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