Concept of Prophecy Concerning Immaculacy between Quran and Bible


  • Uzma Akhlaq
  • Taswar Hussain
  • Dr. Muhammad Sohaib Jamil


Immaculacy, Bible and Quran, scared, Apostle’s innocence


During the study Bible, we find a number of allegations accused on Prophets and Allah’s apostle and has observed that there is no difference between Prophet and layman. According to Bible an apostle can commit a sin of every kind which a layman can do. On the other hand Quran describes regarding Prophet an elevated, grand, good and excellent character possess that the other may not have. It is from an analytical study of the Bible and Quran we bitterly feel the comparison must be done between the description of Bible and Quran and let the wisdom of the readers to draw the conclusion. According to Bible there is no concept of immaculacy in Prophets, whereas Quran clearly depicts the purity of Prophets. There is not only Muhammad but also all Allah’s apostles are immaculate. They are far away from sins, vices, and wrong deeds. In Bible; we find many Prophets involves in various deadly sins like Polytheism, rape, backbiting, murder, drinking, theft, dodged, fraud, cheating, corruption, It is very regret to say that if the prophets are involves is such deadly sins which destroy the beauty of society then who would flourished the society and make sure the community form the wrong deeds. Bible imposes many accuses on Prophet as Moses, Joseph, Loot, Noah, Jacob, Aaroon, David, Solomon, etc.




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