9. Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Poverty in the light of Islamic Teachings

پائیدار ترقیاتی ہدف: غربت کا خاتمہ اسلامی تعلیمات کی روشنی میں


  • Dr. Aijaz Ali Khoso Professor, Islamic Studies, Alhamd Islamic University, Islamabad Campus.
  • Dr. Sajjad Ahmed Lecturer, Govt Degree Boys College Gulzar e Hijri, Karachi.
  • Anila Gul Research scholar, Islamic studies Department, Alhamd Islamic university Quetta.




Sustainable Development Goal, Islamic Teachings, zero poverty, United Nations


Islam is one of the major religions and Pakistan came into being on the name of Islam.  As rest of other countries Pakistan is also facing serious threat of poverty and is aligned with United Nations to eliminate poverty. United Nations brought some goals including poverty elimination named Sustainable Development Goals. Designed some major aims and steps to finish poverty in all aspects for achieving this goal Pakistan signed this agenda in 2015. As a Muslim country Pakistani laws are followed by Islamic teaching and Islamic teachings for eliminating danger of poverty are key steps. Now this research based on qualitative methodology is to present this goal and Islamic teachings regarding zero poverty and application of Islamic thoughts in this goal to achieve it.